Whitepapers and Information Sheets

  • The Diver Solution Brochure 1.72 MBadded: 9th February 2011
    The Diver Solution: Business Intelligence Tools for optimizing enterprise performance.
  • Advantages of The Diver Solution 521.46 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    The Diver Solution Advantage: Financial stability, technological innovation, and low total cost of ownership.
  • The Diver Solution Overview 714.82 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    The DI Diver Business Intelligence Solution presentation slides by Chartwell IT
  • Data Integration 433.17 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    The Diver Solution seamlessly integrates all of your disparate data sources into highly indexed data models.
  • Data Modeling 767.37 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    The power analyst has unfettered access to The Diver Solution's sophoisticated ad-hoc analytical capabilities and time series functionality without having to use scripting languages or SQL queries.
  • Model Construction 429.35 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    To obtain actionable information from the disparate internal and external data sources available to decision makers, data has to be extracted from these source systems and converted into a streamlined format suitable for analysis. Our suite of powerful data integration and modeling tools lay the foundation for fast, insightful reporting and analytics.
  • Analytics 719.62 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    Business Analysts have access to a broad range of role-appropriate diver functionality, including basic report view manipulation, data focusing, and grouping and a wide range of graph types.
  • Reporting 733.33 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    Report consumers can take advantage of The Diver Solution's easy to use self service report generation capabilities.
  • Alerts, Scheduling & Administration 691.86 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    Dimensional Insight's comprehensive alerting utilities provide timely, role-specific information via email to users throughout your organisation.
  • Dashboards 685.06 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    Executives & Information Consumers utilise The Diver Solution's web portal to view and interact with intuitive, visual impactful dashboards. Executives can obtain at-a-glance information on key performance indicators and other critical metrics impacting their business units.

Case Studies

The Diver Solution Case Studies

  • Copley Press 686.22 kBadded: 9th February 2011
    With nine daily newspapers in three different states and an average daily circulation of 700,000, The Copley Press has an overwhelming amount of circulation data to measure and analyze in order to stay on top of their business.
  • Dr Marten 391.24 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    DI-Atlantis is currently producing reports for order book management, invoice history, operational statistics, and warehouse management. The Dr. Martens sales force has seen the greatest impact; they are able to see customer history instantly, and tailor their sales and service efforts to the needs of each client.
  • DuPont 449.07 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    DuPont's Nylon Business Unit originally became involved with Dimensional Insight in 1994 during a large data warehouse project. The project goal was to provide financial analysts with integrated tools to examine the profitability of product sales in North America.
  • Empire Merchants 700.53 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Striving to achieve scale and lower operating costs, wine and liquor distributors have consolidated at a rapid pace, leaving 60% fewer distributors than a decade ago. This dynamic drove the formation of Empire Merchants North. With a Go Live date just seven months away, a transition team was formed to ensure a smooth consolidation of the two existing Diver Solution environments.
  • Fedway 365.39 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Distribution company, Fedway, enjoys faster data access and analysis with Dimensional Insight.
  • Florida's Natural Growers 722.36 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Florida's Natural Growers reduces time on reports by 80% with Dimensional Insight.
  • Geiger Brothers 703.53 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Headquarted in Maine, Geiger Brothers, Inc. is a manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of custom catalogues, customized promotional products (25,000 to choose from), marketing packages, calendars, planners, and the Farmers’ Almanac.
  • Mohawk Carpet Corp 370.21 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Mohawk Carpet Corp. faces the problem of transforming large amounts of data into information that can be used by decision-makers to improve overall effciency within the organization.
  • New Balance 692.25 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. manufactures and markets apparel and width-sized footwear for men, women, and children. Faced with the problem of printed reports from the ERP system not providing enough information due to lack of ad hoc capability, they decided to implement DI-Diver as their Business Intelligence solution.
  • Plum Creek Timber 346.58 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Plum Creek runs DI-Atlantis on the AS/400 server, and users access data Models from Windows NT clients using DI-Diver.
  • Prince Sports 696.39 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Prince Sports, Inc. use Dimensional Insight architecture to look at corporate data (open orders, SKU level inventory, shipment dollars, margins, net billings, Sales Rep commissions, warehouse transactions, warehouse performance, etc.) for five brands: Prince, Rollerblade, Nordica, Ektelon, and Killer Loop.
  • Southern Wine and Spirits 684.02 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Southern Wine and Spirits, the largest U.S. beverage alcohol distributor, was challenged with pulling together timely information for analysis at corporate offices. This executive information needed to be summarized at a high level with drill down (slice and dice) granular functionality.
  • Townsends 361.67 kBadded: 10th February 2011
    Townsends has facilities in North Carolina and Arkansas, and is headquartered in Delaware. Operations in North Carolina and Arkansas include three processing plants, two state-of-the-art hatcheries, two feed mills, and a number of breeder farms. All financial information and statistics for these three locations is tracked with DI-Diver.

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