Data Models

Highly indexed data models facilitate rapid analysis and reporting.

Models are constructed by creating a binary file that indexes each dimension of your data with every possible permutation. This eliminates data hierarchies and other navigational constraints. Pre-processed and cross-indexed data Models deliver blazingly fast analysis response times.

Because DI Models integrate data from any number of disparate sources, users are able to compare,  data collected from almost any source including data warehouse, transactional systems, spread sheets and flat files.

The Model build process converts this raw data into valuable information, regardless of where your data is stored.

The Diver Solution  functions without the need for a database layer, thus saving time, costs and resources associated with deploying a data warehouse or an additional database required by conventional reporting and analytics tools.

Diver Solution analysis response times are fast. In a multi-dimensional Model, the information has already been pre-processed, summarized and optimized for analysis and reporting so responses are returned quickly. This also eliminates any need for time consuming creation or administration of hierarchies.

The Diver Solution supports true ad-hoc analysis through its ability to allow your users to “dive” in any direction they wish without the limitations of pre-set “drill paths” or hierarchical constraints. “Drilling” means that users must first know where to drill in order to hit the information they are looking for. With The Diver Solution, users can enter a Model and freely follow any dive path of interest.

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