Kerridge System Health Check

At Chartwell IT we understand that it can be difficult to keep on top of the housekeeping required to make sure that systems as complex and feature-rich as Kerridge Rev7™ and K8™ are running effectively.

Sales Order ProcessingIt is particularly important that your base data accurately reflects your business – your product, stock, customer and supplier data must be correct and up to date to enable the system to operate efficiently and give you the right Management Information.

In addition, it is possible that there are sales transactions within the system which have not been correctly completed leading to potential issues regarding invoicing, stock accuracy and sales reporting.

We appreciate that the pressure of day to day activity can mean that there is little time to review your system and that’s why we have designed the Chartwell IT Kerridge System Health Check to give you an overview of the status of your system.

Our Kerridge consultants can help you understand where improvements could be achieved by reviewing your data and processes – and we can provide the resources to undertake any corrective work that is required.

Please contact us today to see how a Chartwell IT Kerridge System Health check could benefit your business.

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