Acquisition Integration

Chartwell IT is able to offer expertise and advice on integrating the IT systems and data of acquired businesses into your organisation.

At Chartwell IT we understand the challenges involved in systems integration projects:

  • Different technologies
  • Different geographic locations
  • Different cultures
  • Aggressive timelines

Project Management

Chartwell IT will ensure that

  • Your organization is represented with professionalism and integrity
  • Information is shared properly
  • Resources are coordinated
  • Your employees are fully involved in the process
  • Timescales are realistic and achievable

Data Integration

Chartwell IT will ensure that

  • The integrity of the data will be maintained
  • There will be no short cuts
  • A full sign-off process will be agreed


Chartwell IT will ensure that

  • Your staff are fully trained on the new systems
  • Our trainers will treat the staff with empathy and respect

On-Site Support

Chartwell IT will ensure that

  • We will be on-site for a stock take if required
  • Our implementers will support your integrated business fully
  • A timescale for post-integration on-site support will be agreed
  • Subsequent telephone support can be provided for an agreed time.

Please contact us for more information.

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