Why you should use YouTube as part of your advertising strategy

Google TVEverybody knows that the biggest search engine and the one that everyone uses is Google, right? And that’s fine because Google is your friend and you can find just about anything you want by typing in a search word or two. But did you know that the world’s number two search engine is YouTube?

I have to admit that we were a bit surprised by this revelation and it got us all thinking about how companies use search engines to promote their goods and services so we thought we’d do a little research to find out more…

So how good is it?

YouTubeClearly there are some things that work better than others on YouTube; and Google still has the edge on factual type questions. Type in ‘who is the prime minister’ for example on Google and you get a first hit of Wikipedia and a ton of factual information about David Cameron. On YouTube you get a scene from Zoolander as the first hit followed by a number of random videos from across the world.

However if you are looking for some instructional type information such as ‘how should I prepare for undercoating?’ then this is where YouTube comes into its own with numerous videos from individuals and companies all offering audio visual tips which are much more useful than text based results; and it is this flexibility which is being bought into by the next generation of search engine users.

Increasingly when they need any information more and more young people are using YouTube not only as their main search engine, but actually the start point for their whole web experience. Just think about that – in the first half of the 20th century, people got all their information from books and newspapers, and then there was a generation that grew up on television; followed of course by the internet revolution. Now with great broadband access and mobile communication breakthroughs, web video is creating the next storm. There is a massive difference though in that previous generations absorbed information through fixed channels (TV, Print, media and radio) that were programmed and inflexible. YouTube (although noisy) is completely searchable and available on demand; and that makes it different and supremely powerful.

So even though YouTube and other models are still in their infancy, isn’t it inevitable that in only a few years searchable video channels will become the main source of information for consumers and a whole new market will open up for savvy advertisers?
The great thing now for businesses though is its accessibility. Anyone with a video camera and a bit of creativity can upload an information video in a few moments and with the right optimisation strategy, with keywords added to the description and title, and links to your website; coupled with interesting content and interactive viewer comment, your video will rise up the ranks and help your website stay on that first page.

So if you haven’t thought about it before; and you sell products or services maybe it’s time to think about how a YouTube channel for your business might be the best way to advertise yourself to a whole new generation.

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