Wholesale(r) madness

I spent a couple of days last week at the Spring Fair trade show at the NEC looking for new stock lines with my partner Jo who has an online retail business selling home accessories. www.lindsayinteriors.co.uk (check it out). Anyway as well as that shameless plug, the reason for this mini blog is to vent my astonishment at the attitude of some of the suppliers towards online sellers.

On several occasions we were told by these people that:

  •  “we don’t feel the need to move into online”
  •  “our online customer base is saturated”
  •  “we don’t trade with online retailers”
  •  “we’ll only deliver to bricks and mortar shops”

With the unstoppable shift in the way people are buying goods and services now, is this sort of behaviour backward thinking, heads in the sand, or just plain crazy?


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