We can help you get the best out of your IT systems - and optimise your business processes.

We have a pragmatic and down-to-earth approach to enable your company to take advantage of everything your IT systems have to offer… Read More…

Business Intelligence

The Diver Solution Dashboard

Who are your top 10 customers? How much of your total turnover do they account for? What products do they buy? What don't they buy that they should? Business Intelligence is all about having … Read More...

K8 Quotations Management System


Our new Quotations Management System, (developed by Chartwell IT in conjunction with one of our Kerridge customers), is now available to all SME K8 and K8SBE … Read More…

Business Processes

K8 Workspace

Are you getting the best out of your IT systems? Could some simple changes to your systems and processes make a big impact on your effectiveness? We can help you find … Read More...

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